Kiama Coast Walk

The Kiama Coast Walk is a free and accessible walk spanning 22 kms from Minnamurra Railway Station to Werri Beach in Gerringong. You can decide whether you experience the entire walk in 1 day with an early start and lunch in Kiama, take your time over 2 days with an overnight stay in Kiama, or take a half day hike on a section of the walk.

This site will introduce the 3 main sections of the Kiama Coast Walk, with tips on how to tackle all or part of the walk, and what to look out for and enjoy.

From Kiama Blowhole, with Jupiter & Venus - Pano

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I’m Pete. I live with my family in one of the best little towns around – Kiama. I’m a full time professional photographer.

I won’t say photography is my life, ‘cause there are other things too, like my wonderful family and friends, good food, kayaking, exploring and all the adventure you get to have living where we do. But, you could say I’m rarely without a camera!

I’ve been enjoying the Kiama Coast Walk for many years and want to share my local knowledge and sense of adventure with others that enjoy the outdoors and wish to experience the beauty of my stunning local environment.

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Section 1 – Minnamurra River to Kiama Blowhole

The start of the walk from Minnamurra, is a magic part of the world. It’ll take around 3 hours to walk to the Blowhole.  A wonderful place for a swim or a paddle, and a haven for surfers & seabirds alike. Sit atop the headland and look to the north for stunning views into Killalea State Park, up the along the rivers estuary, Mystics Beach &  the volcanic outcrop known as Stack Island (aka Rangoon Island).

Head south over the headland to Jones Beach & the iconic Cathedral Rocks and along to The Boneyard, where you’ll find a very special little cove beach to snorkel, swim or just sit and admire.

Continue on to through the unique Bombo Quarry, and along Bombo Beach. You can detour to the beautiful Spring Creek Wetlands at the South end of the beach, or continue around the rocks to Kiama, where you’ll pass the Continental Rock Pool, Kiama Harbour, Cafes, Shops and then up to Blowhole Point & Kiama Lighthouse.

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Section 2 – Kiama Blowhole to Loves Bay

On the next stage of your walking adventure be sure to watch out for my favourite bird – pelicans, resting on light posts or soaring in formation in the skies above Kiama Harbour and beyond. Another icon – Norfolk Island Pines, abound here and all along the path. Look out for Storm Bay, the Anglican church, Showground & Pavilion on your way around. Don’t forget to look out for whales!

Head around past Surf Beach & the old bandstand where if you’re luck you may be in time for the Kiama Farmer’s Market (Wednesday afternoons). This is another great break stop!

Now keep moving south around and along Kendall’s Beach and Kaluela Head, then a bit of suburbia (maybe a detour to Marsden Head for a great view down the coast to where you’ll be walking later) on the way across Easts Beach and around the headland and past some cows to Loves Bay.

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Section 3 – Loves Bay to Werri Beach

This section of the Kiama Coast Walk is probably my favourite as it covers the dramatic, coast-hugging route between Loves Bay (Kiama Heights) and Werri Beach (Gerringong). It’s also the section where you may well experience being “at one” with the green rolling hills leading down to rugged cliffs, rockshelves and that vast ocean…

The 6 km path is rich in history, geological formations and stunning photographic opportunities. Route markers help guide at 1km intervals but ensure you exercise extreme caution near steep slopes and cliff edges. From time to time Werri Lagoon is sometimes open to the sea. In these instances you would have to walk through the water, or return to Loves Bay.

The walk is 1-2 hours (one way) with moderate inclines. Parking, toilets and water are located at each end of  the walk at Elanora Road, Kiama Heights and Pacific Ave, Werri Beach.

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